For something so sweet, sugar has a long history of using slave and low wage labor in its harsh cultivation and harvest, & of being boycotted to protest these working conditions. Sugar laborers continue to fight abuses with collective action.

The OUIJIS referenced this history recently in their SugarPACKET ACTION – filling the sugar caddies at local restaurants with sugar packets inscribed with anti-Trump slogans to protest the sweet deals the Potus has made making his billions off of cheap labor and not paying labor for jobs completed… not to mention the sweet deals he made with Russia along his campaign trail, and the current sweet deal he has having taxpayers fund his family’s security  in NY City.


Contributions by T.L. & K.C.

The following links take you to various sites on history of sugar:

Sweet and Dangerous: A history of Sugar

The Bitterness of Sugar Cane Workers

Remembering the Workers of the Domino Sugar Factory


Kara Walker’s installation in the Domino Sugar factory is highlighted here:

Interview with Kara Walker

US Presidents


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