On the Arc of History

dsc05025One can only wish that Steve Bannon’s vile hate will lead to his already engorged ego becoming so fiery hot with the friction of self satisfied stroking that he spontaneously combusts whilst in a huddle with Trump whose wigged out hair fed by high-Fat brain would immolate his team (Pence screaming his Harpie-lament at not divesting all but White Males with deep Freudian Mommy complexes of their Constitutional rights) in a napalm event that would leave a crusted stench-filled crater where the oval office WAS and where the American People would erect a memorial warning sign: TOXIC Site of Narcissist Ring of Fire: Fascist Matches leads to THIS.

Contributions: Photograph by L.P. / Text by K.C.

Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco

James Baldwin: I Am Not Your Negro PBS


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